The HSCI iPS core offers the following services:

Derivation Services

We have three non-integrating technologies (Sendai virus, miRNA and modified mRNA, and episomal vector) for reprogramming of a variety of somatic cell types. Customers can choose between different modules (ICC, EB formation, gene expression; karyotyping; DNA fingerprinting; and teratoma formation) for the characterization of their lines.

Expansion Services

We will transition a human pluripotent stem cell line from MEFs to feeder-free culture, or expand one vial of hPS and freeze into 6 or 21 vials. One cryovial from each freeze will be thawed to test the recovery post-freezing and test for mycoplasma. We can use various feeder-free conditions; custom expansion is also available.

Genome Editing Services

Based on research led by HSCI investigators, we also generate genome engineered hESC or hiPS cell lines. We currently offer TALEN or CRISPR genome editing technologies to generate knock-out or knock-in lines for repair or introduction of mutations. We can also generate gene reporter lines.

Distribution Services*

We serve as a repository for iPS and hES cells produced by Harvard scientists. While the iPS core continues to distribute the available iPS and hES lines to all geographies, when our distribution partners start to make lines available through their channels, the Core will focus on supplying such lines only to the HSCI community.

*To order cell lines from the laboratory of George Daley, MD, PhD, please visit the lab website.